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Have you ever been crazy in love?

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I LOVE this book!!! If you are recovering from a relationship - or want to - you MUST get Rapid Relationship Recovery!
-- Terri Levine, Best-Selling Author of Work Yourself Happy

From: Nina East
Time: Sunday, 9:41pm

Dear Friend,

If you've ever been hurt in a relationship, you know the pain can run deep.

And if you truly cared about the other person, you know that it can take months, even years to fully recover.

My name is Nina East, and I understand.

Crazy in love.

A couple years ago, I met the love of my life.

It was the most amazing feeling I'd ever experienced.

And though we lived thousands of miles apart,
we spoke for hours and hours on the phone nearly everyday.

Then, a couple of months before I was to move to the city where he lived so we could get married, buy a home and begin our life together, he called and ended it.

No explanation.

No more contact.

It hurt like hell.

Several years ago, Aretha Franklin released a song...

"Love was always supposed to be
Something wonderful to me
To watch it grow inside yourself
To feel your heart beside itself

Sometimes it hurts to love so bad
(When you know you've given all you can)
Sometimes it hurts to even laugh
(You do your best but it's still much too sad)
Sometimes the pain is just too much, oh oh
And it hurts like hell, that's the way it feels"

She was right, it hurt like hell.

My entire life turned upside down. 

I didn't even know who I was - or was supposed to be - anymore.

And if anyone had told me I would be able to recover rapidly - and recover well - I wouldn't have believed them. Not then, anyway.

How my mess became my message.

When all this happened, I had a decision to make: was I going to close my heart, give up on love, and let this one relationship define me... or was I going to recover?

I made the choice to recover, and the choice to love again.

Today, based on having lived the principles you're about to discover, I'm living, breathing proof that there is life after a painful love, and that the simple strategies you'll learn from me do work. They have worked for me, and they have worked for thousands of other people, just like you.

You can feel better.

Listen, I know that you are hurting, the wounds may be especially fresh right now - and that this sounds like an impossible dream.

But, here's what I know:

You can feel better.

You WILL feel better.

You will believe in love again.
(Yes, you really will - but on your own terms, and only when you're really ready.)

You will stop hurting - and will start healing. Rapidly.

You will get your life back.

You will move from crying most of the time to smiling most of the time.

And, believe it or not, in a very short time, you will be able to let go of the hurt and anger.

You will. 

Believe me - I've been there.

I know what that feels like.

And I don't want anyone to ever have to feel that bad again.

Here's how I can help you heal yourself from
painful past relationships starting right now...

I’ve just finished a new book called "Rapid Relationship Recovery" that outlines in step-by-step detail 6 simple keys I've developed based on my personal experience, and the experiences of the thousands of people I've helped to deal with breakups, heal from breakups, and find the joy in their own lives again.

And now, I want to help YOU experience your own personal rapid relationship recovery.

Rapid Relationship Recovery is not just a book about relationships, and it's not just a book to make you feel good - though you will feel better after you read it.

Rapid Relationship Recovery is actually an entire self-coaching SYSTEM -- based on my work with thousands of people over the past 20 years, plus my own personal - and initially devastating - first hand knowledge of what you're going through.

"Move over Oprah and Dr. Phil - there's a new kid on the block!

Nina East's Rapid Relationship Recovery is the best book on relationships to hit the e-shelves EVER! 

This book is the essential MUST-READ for anyone trying to get over a relationship. Exquisitely written, and compassionately heartwarming.
Nina gets you to take yourself firmly by the shoulders, take a good long look in your eyes, and get clear about what's most important - you.

She does this better than any coach can - and with the spiritual fullness that is so important.

With this book in your corner, you can't help but feel better about yourself in no time flat!"

--Dr. David Sink
President, Blue Ridge Community College

Beginning in just minutes, you'll discover:

  • a new vision for yourself and what you want your recovery process to look like, feel like, and sound like - for YOU!

  • how to tap into your most powerful INTERNAL element for change.

  • how to use your language to make sure you are setting yourself up for success.

  • how to determine what something really means!

  • how to ask the RIGHT questions - so you actually harness the power of your mind to find the best answers for you!

  • how to learn the lesson before you suffer! So you won't even have to go through this again - EVER!

  • how to arrange your own clarity - you really don't have to wait for it to dawn on you.

  • how to free yourself from negative belief systems that sabotage your relationships.

  • how to use a simple model for change - and how to make it easy and fun for you, so you'll be more likely to continue using is in other parts of your life.

  • how to access the power of Perspective - and what to do with it once you've got it.

  • how to determine the role of forgiveness for you - plus how to know when and where is the right time to use it.

  • how to tap into the power of gratitude.

But you don't have to be going through
a breakup to benefit from this book.

Yes, Rapid Relationship Recovery can definitely help anyone going through a breakup, but it can also help you make any relationship better.

Here's what some others who have used Rapid Relationship Recovery have to say...

“Rapid Relationship Recovery” is a life saver no matter what stage of recovery you are at! I wish I had her book five years ago when I divorced from a 30 year marriage! But recently it has still been a lifesaver in more ways than one.  30 years ago I found myself in a very long painful transition time.  I rebuilt an awesome new life, found a wonderful soulmate, and 99% of the time I don’t even think of my past life. But some times I would get hit with waves that would pull back into a downward spiral that would be hard to shake. I discovered Nina’s book this Fall and turned to it this Christmas. Holidays can be a time that ghost’s of past relationships come to haunt. I had written to my ex just to send my annual Christmas letter and it was returned. I talked to his Mom and found out he had moved almost a year ago. Okay no big deal; but my mind wouldn’t let go. How can you have a relationship with someone for over 30 years and them not even let you know that they have moved? I started to feel really crummy and I couldn’t shake it. I dug out Nina’s book and started working the exercises. Within one evening the ruminating stopped and I started feeling good about myself again. I kept reading and played with the exercises the next couple of days. My whole feeling about myself was completely changed; but I kept at it because the more I did the better I felt about myself. What an awesome and almost instant shift!

Then two weeks ago I broke up with a long term friend.  Again I found I couldn’t seem to let go of the negative feelings. Then I thought why don’t I try Nina’s exercises on this Relationship Recovery?  I did and had the same amazing results. My thoughts and feelings turned around like magic.  The secret is in how Nina has you shift your focus to feeling good about yourself again. And like magic it works

Thanks Nina! I can only sing the highest of praises for you and your book and I am now recommending it to all of my clients!"

-- Terri Cornish, founder of Living From Heart Space


"I bought Rapid Relationship Recovery and began the work because I'm divorcing after almost 14 years of marriage.  I have only had two intimate relationships in my life, one being my soon-to-be X.  I began RRR so that the next time it will be better.  I want to learn from this experience and RRR could not have come at a better time!

Here's what's happened - I have stopped blaming myself and I now have the power to go for what I want! 

I feel empowered, stronger and becoming ready for a healthy relationship! 
I still have a lot of work to do, but RRR has helped me get my perspective on relationships back on track.  Thank you Nina!"

-- Kathryn Bennett


"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your book "Rapid Relationship Recovery"

I have just gone through a very ugly divorce after my husband left quite suddenly and totally unexpectedly. I am still processing the pain and anger but your book has been one of the most wonderful I have read and I know it will help me get through this faster!

One of the wonderful benefits of this whole process has been to set me on the path of my own Spirituality. To get me out of my scientific mind and more into my heart. I think that is why your book resonated so much."

-- Barb Hepperle

Here's what you'll get in the
Rapid Relationship Recovery Program:

1. Step-by-step instructions on how to make the most of the Rapid Relationship Recovery method - so you set yourself up for success and healing!

2. The 6 Key Principles of
Rapid Relationship Recovery - and how to use them!

As you come to understand these, you will feel a greater sense of connection to who you are, a greater sense of connection to something even bigger, and how to let go without giving up.
You'll learn how to be yourself again.

3. 1
3 essential Insights & Action Steps to lead you by the hand through the Rapid Relationship Recovery process. 

You don't have to do it alone! These 1
3 steps automatically lead the way for you.

And remember, literally thousands of people have gone before you and perfected this process, so it's even MORE powerful! 

Plus, as a special thank you, you'll also
receive 4 important bonus gifts:

The first two bonuses - two powerful sets of resources to help in your rapid relationship recovery process - are included at the end of the book - you will receive them automatically.

The second two bonuses you will receive as separate downloads. 

Free Bonus Gift #3: (a $25 value) When You Can Walk On Water, Take The Boat, by John Harricharan

Deepak Chopra describes this book as "eloquent and touching - the discovery of truth and love that we must all make sometime in our life."

Free Bonus Gift #4: (a $15 value) As A Man Thinketh, by James Allen

If you haven't read this powerful classic yet, you will be blown away by the simple wisdom found in its pages!

Experience your own "rapid relationship recovery"
and healing--beginning in the next 10 minutes...

Only by trying my methods can you discover what they can do for you. That's why I want to make it easy for you to try my methods by taking away all the risk.

Let me ask you, what would it be worth to learn secrets you can use to instantly heal yourself from ANY relationship, secrets you can use to enjoy the fulfillment and love your desire throughout your life? Priceless.

Considering, my private clients pay me $400 an hour to personally explain the same principles I'm offering you in Rapid Relationship Recovery, anything less than that is one heck of a bargain. Wouldn't you agree?

But, in order to have the kind of impact I want - to really help people change their world so that breakups don't have to hurt so long or feel so bad - I'm offering you my proven program in a convenient "self-coaching workbook format for a ridiculously low price of only $16.95.

100% Risk-Free, Money Back Guarantee - I want to make it easy for you to say "yes", so I'm taking all the risk here. Order my book now. Try my methods... and if, after doing all the exercises, applying all the principles, and taking every step in the book over the next 60 days, you don't feel any different - I'll refund your money. And you can keep the book, and all the bonuses.

OK, let's get started: take out your credit card ... click the secure link below... fill-in the information ... and in just minutes you'll have my entire system to read from your computer or print out as you desire.

Click here to begin your rapid relationship recovery and healing now

What is it like to work with Nina?

"With all due respect to the wonderful people I have encountered, I almost always come away feeling like I am on a different plane. I do television for women with the Oxygen Channel and Discovery Health. You are the first person I have "met" who matches my enthusiasm and passion. You, however, are making it happen for yourself. 

As I worked your program, I wrote in the margins of my notebook: "The Universe sent this woman into my life at this moment to help me break my soul free from the incarceration of a lifetime." I have been remembering, in therapy, that my "self" prior to all of the abuse, was an adventurous spirit who knew no boundary. I feel excited about the possibilities!

-- Loryn Ashley


Imagine for a moment, a world in which you feel good, you feel loved, and you enjoy loving again.

Now, imagine that it's only a month from today, and you feel good, you feel loved, and you enjoy loving again.

That's what this is all about.

I can help you. But you’ve got to take the first step.

I look forward to hearing from you today.

Wishing you much joy and rapid relationship recovery,


Nina East

P.S. Remember you get 2 free bonus sections in this special edition of Rapid Relationship Recovery, plus the 2 additional bonuses I mentioned above.

P.S. #2 And remember that if you can show me that you've done all the exercises for 60 days from today, and you don't feel any better at all, I'll gladly refund your money - and you can still keep everything.

I'm a professionally trained and certified life coach, and a senior faculty member at the world's leading coach training school... but that's not why I can help you.

I can help you because I understand, firsthand, just how devastatingly painful relationships can be.

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